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La Fenice

The highlight of your visit to Venice!

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Musica in Maschera: Opera and Ballet
One night in 18th century Venice!

Opera arias and Ballet with handicraft Venetian masks and historic costumes!

From € 35,-

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Interpreti Veneziani
no musical ensemble captures the romance and mystery of Venice in a better way!

Vivaldi and other masters of the baroque

From € 37,-

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Vivaldi's Four Seasons
A faithful interpretation of Vivaldi's masterpiece by I Musici Veneziani orchestra.
Musicians in 18th century costumes.

From € 32,-

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Baroque and Opera
the most beautiful baroque arias!
Mozart, Verdi, Rossini, Donizetti, Puccini
Musicians in 18th century costumes.

From € 32,-

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Antonio Vivaldi: The Four Seasons and ballet
An unforgettable experience for all lovers of classical music from the Baroque period

From € 41,-

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Book Tickets for Your Favorite Operas and Classical Concerts in Venice

Venice enchants people from all over the world not only with its magical scenery, fantastic architecture and priceless art, but also with its classical music. This is the city where Vivaldi and Albinoni lived and worked. The premieres of many of Italy’s most famous operas were in Venice.
Music in Venice has a long history going back to the founding of the city. The Venetian state was indeed often called the "Republic of Music". A 17th-century visitor remarked: "In every home, someone is playing a musical instrument or singing. There is music everywhere."
The deeply revered musical culture of Venice is still celebrated today. ArteConcerto.com provides customers around the world a safe and easy way to purchase tickets to the major operas and classical concerts in Venice.

Venice Opera Tickets

The programme of La Fenice Theatre is available at ArteConcerto.com, meaning you’ll always have all the information you could want on each and every opera performance. Almost every evening, you can attend an opera from the likes of Verdi, Bellini, Donizetti, Puccini, Mozart, and many more. Coming to Venice ensures both quality and variety to please even the most discerning of connoisseurs.

Venice Concert Tickets

Besides an opera at La Fenice, you can enjoy a classical concert in the magnificent churches and scuole of Venice.  Many of these were decorated by famous artists like Tintoretto, Tiepolo and Palma il Giovane, so apart from attending a concert, there’s the opportunity to admire famous works of art or listen to Baroque music in a genuine Baroque Venice setting.
Whether you are looking for a perfect night of classical music at an opera house, a concert hall, a palace, or a church, Venice has everything you could want and more on offer every night.

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