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Teatro La Fenice de Venecia - Entradas y Programa

Teatro Malibran

La Fenice Tickets - Opera, Ballet & Concerts in Venice

A night at Teatro La Fenice is the cultural highlight of any trip to Venice. With tickets to La Fenice from ArteConcerto you can attend outstanding performances, from operas to chamber concerts.

Teatro La Fenice: Tickets for a variety of events

A ticket to La Fenice Opera House opens up a whole world of music to you. Great music and star artists make a night at the opera an unforgettable experience. At ArteConcerto we offer a wide array of tickets for all upcoming events.

La Fenice Opera House is renowned for diverse and exquisite productions. Every season the schedule includes numerous events and works from different genres:

  • Opera
  • Ballet
  • Classical concerts
  • Chamber music

Opera lovers can enjoy here great classics or modern masterpieces, all with star-studded casts. Ballets are staged every season, performed by some of the most renowned ballet companies in Europe. In addition, the La Fenice Orchestra gives regular performances, and the initiative Musikàmera, featurs a series of chamber music concerts. La Fenice tickets from ArteConcerto bring you live to the performances.

Buying tickets to La Fenice: How it works

Buying tickets on ArteConcerto is very easy: select the performance you wish to attend from La Fenice schedule, then select tickets in the desired category and buy them directly online. After your request is confirmed, you will receive an email with your tickets in PDF.

The price of a ticket depends on the location of the seat. The seats in the different categories are located in assigned sectors in the auditorium and have different views of the stage:

With tickets in the stalls you are close to the stage and can completely immerse yourself in an incomparable opera experience. A box seat provides a more private opera enjoyment, while the gallery has excellent acoustics and somewhat cheaper tickets for La Fenice. Secure your tickets now at ArteConcerto for your personal cultural experience.

If you have any questions about your order, you can contact us by phone or email!

Enjoy Venice's culture with ArteConcerto

In addition to La Fenice tickets, ArteConcerto has many other cultural highlights in Venice on offer:

Secure your tickets to these breathtaking events on ArteConcerto.com, so that you have the chance to make your visit to Venice unforgettable.